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Science for all citizens

Our Reality

Minerva acts as an intermediary to protect the correct scientific information spreading, with the aim to provide the best tools and knowledge to develop an autonomous and critical judjment.


Hold together by a passion for science, Minerva community allows us to spread scientific knowledge and always learn something new.

Public engagement

In our writing, in our activity and in our way to do what we do, there is always the will of making science popular and accessible.

Fact Checking

We always promote fact checking and scientific methods as key concepts to understand and enjoy a scientific topic.

Our Activities

To organize activities, we rely on our members and external collaborators. Moreover, we cooperate with local and national institutions.


We organise conferences and meetings with general public to talk  about scientific topics.



Through debats and games, we help children at school to develop critical awareness and precious scientific knowledge.

Informative material

We produce paper and multimedial material by which the public can always find information and keep their curiosity about the world of science satisfied.


Regarding scientific issues with social impact, such as vaccinations and new technologies, we promote and trust in individual actions to raise public awareness and allow correct information diffusion.

Scientific Café

We transform normal drinks into engaging social events where Science is the central topic. In this informal and relaxing environment, anyone can ask question and share different opinions  and information.

Flash Mobs

We like to involve our community in social experiment with the aim of spreading science  through unusual context which will make scientific public engagement challenging and interesting
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Organized Events
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Published Articles

Our Story

How we grew up, step by step

September 2013

Minerva foundation

Minerva is an association focused on social development, born on 27th September 2017, officially recognised as Libere Forme Associative by Bologna’s council.

November 2013

Evening Meetings

Minerva starts organizing a series of evening talks about relevant scientific topics such as earthquakes, GMO, renewable resources, fake news and health.

January 2014

Collaboration with schools

Minerva stars to get involved in education by teaching scientific topics to children in a funny and engaging approach, to show that science is easy and interesting although it may seem complex.

October 2014

First Participation to European Biotech Week (EBW)

On the occasion of EBW, Minerva organised a series of activities to promote a better understanding of biotechnologies; their meaning and applications.

February 2015

Support to vaccination campaigns

Since 2015 Minerva has been involved in different initiatives to sensibilise people about vaccinations, also by joining the social campaign #IoVaccino, started in October by a group of mums keen to get together parents and healthcare community.  On 26th of October a delegation representing this campaign composed of current president of the Minerva, Si Hui Elisa Chen, associate member, Pierdomenico Memeo and the founder of the group  Consigli da Mamma a Mamma,  Miriam Maurantonio, was invited to join the XII Commission (Social affair) to discuss the issue about the “Initiative concerning vaccination”.

October 2015

Birth of TeamVaxItalia

Minerva is one of the founders of TeamVaxItalia and one of the promoters for the “Italian guide for vaccination promotion“.

February 2016

Starting of Tuscany Chapter

Minerva created the first detached branch in Tuscany with its head in Prato.

March 2016

Scientific Cafe
During the spring of this year, Minerva attempts her first series of scientific Cafes with the aim of connecting Science experts and citizens in a really informal and casual environment where general public is invited to ask questions and to approach scientific topics with curiosity.  The topics to be addressed ranged from nutrition, to physics and astronomy.

September 2017

Landing to Forlì

Minerva creates another branch in Forlì, with projects involving schools and public talks to show how to behave and be cautious in a society full of fake news.

March 2018

Starting of Virtual Tours

The new Minerva engagement focuses on using virtual reality to explore different scenarios, believing that by using stimulating and advanced approaches, such as visual tools, complex scientific concepts can be easier to understand and remember.

August 2018

Success on Social Media

Minerva reaches 25.000 followers on its  Facebook page showing an increasing public interest in science communication.

In this period Minerva also starts an Instagram profile in the attempt to reach the younger audience.

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